20 minutes on foot from Odakyu Electric Railway Odawara Line, Honatsugi Station. From beginners to children and adults, many beginners go here, and it is a piano classroom that can handle from classical piano to popular piano and jazz piano, eigo piano and eigo SING and rhythmic, Voice Training to Rhythm Dance.


p1011109.jpg You can learn the piano in English! p1011073.jpg Personalized lessons! p1011077.jpg Classic & Pops & Jazz img-1.png A classroom for adults and children! p1011110.jpg You can also use the parking lot!




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Honatsugi Piano Class Curriculum

Classic Piano Lesson



Learn with classic textbooks

 Intermediate  Burg Muller

 Sonate etc...

Popular Piano Lesson 


Let's play songs that students like, such as movie music and pop music.

 Beginner  Note height and timing (Solfege basics)
 Let's play the melody with the right hand
 Let's add a simple accompaniment with the left hand
 Intermediate  Performance with both hands
 Playing with the sustain pedal
 Learn some simple accompaniment patterns 
 Understand simple codenames

Rhythmic&dance&voice training


Rhythmic Dance voice training

Let's develop the richness of the heart while actually experiencing the fun of the sound itself not only with musical instruments but also with dancing and singing with children


Hear the sound
How to enjoy the sound
Touch the instrument
Play with musical instruments
Dance Rhythm play
Dance practice
How to enjoy the rhythm
Voice training

Nursery rhyme
Sing your favorite song
How to enjoy singing

Jazz Piano Lesson


Jazz Piano Lesson

This is a chord and groove lesson required for jazz.


Basic codename
Tension code
Code arrangement
Intermediate Reharmonize
Standard jazz


Solfege Lesson

solfege Lesson
Learn the ability to read sheet music


Note height and rhythm (right hand)

Note height and rhythm (left hand)

 Honatsugi Piano Class Lesson Fee Information

Free admission!!Monthly fixed amount

Admission fee

¥0 ※60minutes Lesson

Lesson fee

Once a month    ¥5,500  (60minutes Lesson)

Twice a month   ¥10,400(60minutes Lesson)

3times a month ¥15,000(60minutes Lesson)

4times a month ¥18,800(60minutes Lesson)

※tax included
payment method 

・Credit card payment (recommended)

・Visa、Master Card、JCB、Diners Club


・Account transfer

Profile/Honatsugi piano school

本厚木ピアノ教室/Kayoko Mori

Started Piano at age 5.
Graduated Jyonai Senior High School in Odawara. Studied Piano under 
Mr.Hajime Ozawa. 
Graduated Senzoku Music College in Kawasaki. Studied Singing under 
Mrs.Yuri Nobata. (B.A.music classical style)
Joined the College Sailing Team,served Captain on 3rd Grade.
Took part in Japan-Guam Yacht Race.
Flew to Washington DC in 1992,studied English and Dance at Montgomery College.
During stayed in DC,worked as a Piano Instructor,also worked as an accompanist at Georgetown School of Ballet under the School Director Stephan Baranovics and Linda Baranovics until 1997.                     

Access/Honatsugi Piano School



20 minutes walk from Odakyu Hon-Atsugi Station
10 minutes by bus from Hon-Atsugi Station, 1 minute on foot after getting off at "Kiuriba" bus stop
Car commuting (next to Route 246)
Hon-Atsugi Station: Odakyu Electric Railway Odawara Line


1 Tsumadaminami, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Opening hours


Regular holiday

Tuesday Thursday
(Also, it may change depending on the instructor schedule.)